Close upto 62% more deals

Automatic Call Distibutor ( ACD ) helps support teams of any size close more deals

Automatic Call Distibutor ( ACD ) . An ACD is a specialized phone system that routes (distributes) incoming calls to teams of agents assigned to various call queues

For agile support teams

A Service built by support people for support teams. Customizable for any industry

AI & Machine Learning to score leads based on their engagement


IM with your support team and work together to close more deals


Create support pipelines visually and setup automations.

Easily customize the CRM using pre built templates for most industries

Call your prospects directly from the CRM and leave voice mails automatically

Send bulk SMS in one click and get notified when prospects interact

All your customer data in one place

Easily import contacts from any source and with our integrations ensure all your customer touch points are synced with the CRM

Segment your contacts easily


Analytics that help you improve

Tasks and Todo that automatically update

Close deals anywhere, anytime

With our simple mobile app, your support team is fully equipped to convert leads even on the go. Smart notifications when key leads turn hot.

“We were excel files and sharing notes earlier. Moving to Sales Close helped our sales process become more efficient.”

Jofra Archer

“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition. Onboarding new support team members is a breeze”

Maria D Souza

“The smart lead scoring and predictive calling feature has helped us increase our conversions by 200%”

Mike Danton

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